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Sustainable Development —
A Core Belief

Sustainable development is all about future-proofing. It is about securing our way of life, our businesses, the land we grew up in; every element working together to serve the environment that supports us.
Sustainable development has been integral to the Singapore Story. As a low-lying island state, we have embraced it for decades. We are the only country in the world to have frozen the growth of our vehicle population. We are also among the rare few to have closed our water loop and reuse every last drop of water. We do not subsidise the use of fossil fuels, and we tax the emission of carbon.
We will build upon what we have already done for a better, greener future. The Singapore Green Plan 2030, or the Green Plan, is designed to strengthen our ongoing and upcoming efforts. This is a whole-of-nation sustainable development agenda, with firm action plans, touching on almost every dimension of our lives.

Net Zero Emissions
By or Around Mid-Century

Within our 728 square kilometres of land, we know we have our limitations and challenges. We have neither the natural resources nor the land mass to pledge in the same manner our bigger neighbours can. That does not mean we cannot punch above our weight. We all just have to work creatively to have a positive impact beyond our shores. Every single one of us.

We can be pioneers in technological and policy solutions for sustainable development, playing a crucial role as a clean-tech hub and a testbed for the commercialisation of new green technologies. A living laboratory tapping on great minds from both developed and developing countries, for South-East Asia and eventually, the rest of the world.

This possible outcome depends on the results of our collective actions. The Green Plan is a living plan. We will be commitments to achieve net zero emissions by or around mid-century.

The Key Programmes of The Green Plan:

We started our green journey before ‘Climate Change’ became a catchphrase. Here, you will discover the incremental steps taken and bold visions for our shared future.

City in Nature

Energy Reset

Green Economy

Resilient Future

Sustainable Living

Green Government

Pledge to Our Next Generation

Pledge to Our
Next Generation

The Green Plan is a living plan. It will evolve as we engage Singaporeans through Singapore Together to harness more ideas and put them into action. Every one of us can play a part, and help seize the moment to transform our nation.

Having come from mudflats to metropolis, we will turn our metropolis into a global city of sustainability. This metropolis of ours, will be a bright green spark, inspiring the world and our future generations. Let's work together for a brighter and greener future.