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Start Changing Some Personal Habits.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. No action is too small to adopt. We have got 10 easy tips laid out to get you started.

Support Local Produce.

Since they do not travel long distances, local produce is fresher and lasts longer. They also help boost our food security and economy.

Get Involved.

Contribute within your own community; from events that promote environmental awareness to ground-up projects.

Take Public Transport, Walk or Cycle.

These actions reduce our carbon footprint while keeping our air quality clean. Consider getting an electric vehicle (EV) if you need to drive.

Lead an Energy-efficient Lifestyle.

Using energy-efficient appliances in our homes and workplaces will reduce our energy consumption.

Start a Project Using the SG Eco Fund.

If you have an idea or project, apply for our SG Eco Fund. It offers financial support for ideas that will create positive impact.